About Me

What Am I Working On?

January 2024 | Software Quality Engineer Since May 2021

I've been working for one of the largest banks in the U.S. and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Certifications and Test Automation

I've put a hold on preparing for any ASTQB Testing Certifications because I've been learning a lot.
I've gotten much more experience with coding for Test Automation over the last two years. Most recently our team upgraded to Selenium 5 with Java.
I've had some exposure to Karate and testing API's and hope to learn more in the coming year.

What I've Done in E-Commerce


A few years ago I started an online business.
In the process, I created four websites hosted on the Shopify platform.
One of my accomplishments included creating a solid brand image and facilitating consistent online sales.
As a result, I've generated a base of loyal return customers and followers through social media.

Web Design

I have designed many websites for business and creativity.
My first commercial website was a travel blog that I designed using WordPress 6 years ago.
In relationship to E-Commerce, I've chosen the design/themes, and features for multiple websites hosted on Shopify.


As an E-Commerce Manager I have spent countless hours copywriting unique product descriptions for items I sold through my online retail stores.
I also created email marketing campaigns and designed creative advertisements used in both social media and google ad campaigns.


My business management experience involved many responsibilities required for establishing an online retail business and maintaining it.
I was responsible for researching and seeking out manufacturers to gain authorization for promoting and selling their proprietary merchandise online.

I am passionate about technology and software that's why I view every day as an opportunity to learn something new!